Whole Foods Nutritionist in Glastonbury

whole foods nutritionist

I provide comprehensive nutritional consultations and state of the art blood chemistry analysis services that benefit clients focusing on a variety of needs, including:

Anti-aging and Longevity

Blood chemistry analysis can provide specific information on your biological age. Using this information, I help you reduce the years so your biological age is much lower than your chronological age. Get your glow back.

Cleansing and Detox

I help you determine the appropriate cleanse regime to meet your needs. Together we create a pre-cleanse, cleanse, and post-cleanse plan for optimum detox.

Increasing Energy

In this busy, over-connected and overstimulated world, we often fail to realize how tired we are until we are nearing an energy breakdown. Using nutrition and blood chemistry analysis, I can help you implement better lifestyle habits that will give you lasting and noticeable increases in true energy without relying on unnecessary stimulants.

Regaining Health

In different seasons of life, remaining healthy takes a different level of effort. Many of us remember being healthy in our earlier years, but don’t realize how much time has passed and how our habits affect our well-being. I can help you identify the necessary nutritional and lifestyle changes that will make you feel your best again.

Disease Prevention

Blood chemistry analysis can provide valuable information about degeneration, decline and ill-health before symptoms turn into a diagnosed condition. Using this information, we can implement nutritional and lifestyle changes, and identify appropriate supplements to restore your health and vitality.

Achieving and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight

Discover a new way to achieve and maintain your perfect weight that will not leave you hungry, dreaming about food, counting calories, or weighing your meals.

You don’t have to have the answers, sort fact from fiction, or know the path. You just have to  believe I can help you.

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