Feng Shui

Inspired Feng Shui

Feng Shui works because your home is a reflection of your life.  So is your office, and anywhere else that you spend a lot of time.  It’s been proven that the way your home looks and feels impacts your health, wealth and happiness.


Feng Shui is a method of mindfully creating your environment so that it consistently supports you.


Whatever is going on in the places where you spend the most time (like your home and your office) shows up in your life, and impacts you.  


Do you want to make a shift or improvement to your health or your life?  I clear and align spaces using Feng Shui principles to get you results.


Results-oriented and practical, individualized Feng Shui consultations will enhance your health, wealth and happiness wherever you spend time; including your home, office, cubicle, and even your vehicle.


For more information on Dr. Lisa’s Feng Shui practice, please visit www.FengShuiYourSpaces.com