“Thank you Dr. Lisa for all these years of wonderful adjustments, nutritional counseling and friendship! I am in awe of what you do for me, you are truly gifted in healing and highly intuitive. I am honored to have had the time together with you. Cheers to many more years of friendship, healing and guidance.” -Sophia


“I am so thankful for being introduced to Dr. Lisa Acocella! She guided me through a fight against cancer, and when the rest of the western medicine world wanted to put more poison in me Dr. Lisa educated me with regards to nutrition & nourishment for my body, mind, and spirit. I am continuously amazed by all of her knowledge and expertise!” -Lisa L


“Dr. Lisa is a great and important member of my care team. She cares, follows through, and is very knowledgeable.” -Michael Vaughn


“Under Dr. Lisa’s care, my body has a dedicated, highly attuned, nurturing, and authentic partner in healing. Her expertise shines as she listens to what my body says and gets to the source of presenting issues. I trust her implicitly and know that when I follow her invitations to wellness practices, my body flourishes.” -Joi


“I have been very impressed with my experience with Dr. Acocella, and with my results. She is very attuned, works deeply and efficiently, and I find that the treatments have helped me on many levels. Her recommendations are focused and have all been helpful. In addition, Dr. Acocella is a delightful, warm, upbeat person. She is very good at creating that all-important-ingredient-for-healing, which is “safe space”. I recommend her highly.” -H.H.


“I have worked with Dr. Lisa for many years. I also work with clients facilitating emotional healing. She keeps my energy flowing clearly and my body in alignment for optium health and well being first for me and as a resource for my clients. Her skill and integrity are stellar and her knowledge about bodies/nutrition/healing is truly a gift. Each person I refer has been assisted as well. I love her warm, welcome and positive energy.” -Linda B.